Rescue Diver Course (PADI or SSI) - $360

Rescue Diver Course is for highly skilled divers who desire to learn how to intervene and help in emergencies. Rescue Diver Course lasts 3 days and you will be taught how to ensure safety of other divers while completing a series of rescue scenarios. You also need to complete the Emergency FirstResponse course to be certified as Rescue Scuba diver. This course can be completed in conjunction with the Rescue Diver Course.

Course overview and rescue scenarios

  • The course lasts 3 days.
  • Deal with a panicked or tired diver at the surface.
  • Control a panicked diver underwater
  • Response to missing/unresponsive diver
  • Rescue breathing underwater
  • Take an unconscious diver to the surface
  • Provide emergency assistance to an unconscious diver while taking him to the boat
  • Final test using all of the above scenarios

Rescue Diver Course: $ 360

EFR course (Emergency First Response): $130


  • High-quality equipment
  • A logbook to record your future dives.
  • All fees, transfer, boat dive (join group)
  • Fully-certified PADI or SSI instructor teaching you
  • All drinks and food on the boat
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